Bryn Marychurch – Tourism and Travel

Posted on: September 22, 2016

Bryn takes on the world after gaining his dream cabin crew role!

Bryn Marychurch came to Avonmore Tertiary Institute to study Tourism and Travel, 6 months and two National Certificate’s later Bryn is ready to face the world of tourism and travel. Bryn’s dedication to his coursework and his friendly attitude was evident throughout the course, ensuring he made the most of every opportunity and put his class work first.

Bryn started looking for jobs in the tourism and travel industry, after a few disappointing interviews and job applications Bryn finally found success working for Jetstar. Bryn will be joining the Cabin Crew right here in Christchurch in a few months time, after he spends 3 and a half weeks training potentially in Melbourne or Auckland.

Bryn never lost sight of his passion for the tourism and travel industry and his desire to work for an airline, no matter what the obstacles were.

Bryn was an outstanding student at Avonmore Tertiary Institute and we could not be prouder of him, following his dreams and never letting go of them. Now Bryn is ready to take on the world in his new black and orange uniform with his shiny new wings.

Please Note: The qualifications that Bryn completed have now been updated by NZQA. The equivalent qualifications are the New Zealand Certificate in Tourism Level 3 and the New Zealand Certificate in Travel Level 4.

Evelyne Andrews – National Diploma in Business Level 5

Posted on: September 22, 2016

Evelyne Andrews has completed her National Diploma in Business Level 5 and is one step closer to her dream of starting her own business.

Evelyne started her studies at Avonmore Tertiary Institute at the beginning of 2016 and finished her National Diploma in Business Management Level 5 eight months later with a vision of success ahead of her. Before the course she was living and working in Australia in the hospitality industry. Evelyne said “I knew working for someone else wasn’t something I would be happy doing forever. I’m so happy I made the choice to come home and study at Avonmore because I feel like I am so much closer to obtaining that dream of working for myself and owning my own business”

With such an array of course content in the Business course Evelyne wasn’t expecting to cover as much as she did. When asked about what she had learnt whilst studying at Avonmore she commented “Sooo much! Each class, each term taught me something new that I can really see being useful in the future.” Evelyne really enjoyed the work based skills she obtained from the course, she states “Going on field trips, like to Coffee & Jam at the BNZ building or the Courthouse for Law class was great”

Now that Evelyne has completed her course she wants to “work and save up for a deposit to get a space to start my own business. Hopefully I’ve got future customers in my tutors and classmates. Avonmore definitely helped shape what I want to do. I had a pretty vague idea before I started that I wanted to own my own cafe. Now I have a plan fleshed out and found both the tutors and other students (now friends) so great at listening to my ideas and giving feedback to help where they can…”

Evelyn was a fantastic student  and  we wish her lots of luck with her future endeavors.  If you can dream it, you can do it!


Business Management Success

Posted on: July 11, 2016

Steve – proof that with dedication and commitment, you can suceed!

Steve Rodda is a 31 year young male who lives in Christchurch. Steve worked in the Retail sector for 12 years but needed a new direction in life. He is passionate about Marketing and hopes to be self employed one day, but he soon realised that he needed to up his experience with qualifications to support his new journey!

Steve contacted Avonmore Tertiary Institute to discuss the content of the National Diploma in Business Management Level 5.  He was delighted to hear that Marketing papers were included, but was also interested in the other areas of study which would also be more than beneficial to his portfolio of learning.

Steve commenced his study at Avonmore in September 2015 and completed his studies in June 2016, he has given this course 100% which reflects in his study, achieving the best results and filling the gaps in his knowledge and skill set while building on others.

Steve said ” the course and time I spent at Avonmore Tertiary Institute was amazing and the tutors were amazing as well. The activities, field trips and support was fantastic – thank you Avonmore for everything you have done for me!”

Steve has secured a full time position with an Agricultural company that develops and implements solar water pumps for irrigation on farms to weigh bridge scales.   Having the National Diploma in Business Management has definitely given him the edge to secure this position over other candidates.

Hospitality: Hands-on Course to Full-time Employment in 12 Weeks!

Posted on: July 11, 2016

Samantha Veale HS3

Samantha has found success working in a job she loves, doing what she trained for.

Samantha Veale came to Avonmore Tertiary Institute to train in a hands-on environment that would see her ready to enter employment after a few short months of training. Her dedication to the course and her friendly, bubbly personality meant she met new people and made the most of her time here.

Samantha threw herself into the course and involved herself in every aspect. She involved herself in as many of Avonmore’s private functions as she could to build her confidence, and with her time in Your Place Cafe she gained knowledge teamed with a lot of hands-on experience that she can now take into the workplace.

Since leaving Avonmore she had great success in gaining a job in the hospitality industry, now employed at Jagz in Sovereign Palms, Kaiapoi. After being there for a month now she is settling in well. Samantha enjoys the challenges regularly thrown at her, as well as the busy weekends, and is no longer the newest employee, in fact she really enjoys assisting the newbies.

At Avonmore we’re all very proud of this young lady and wish her all the best for the future.

Hairdressing student fixes botched job for grateful client.

Posted on: July 11, 2016

Olivia Hairdressing Student 2016

Third year hairdressing student Olivia Smith came to the rescue to work with lovely client Shirley Hall to fix her uneven, too short and no shape haircut she was unhappy with. 

Shirley Hall went to Next Gen Hair in Richmond – one of Avonmore Tertiary Institutes training salons –  a couple of weeks ago with a haircut she was very unhappy with – with the hope of getting if fixed. It had been done elsewhere and Shirley felt it was uneven, too short and had no shape.

Olivia took the time to listen to Shirley who had become a little stressed by her haircut, and re assure her she would do her best to improve Shirleys hair without getting too “scissor happy”.

40 minutes later…

Shirley had her hair washed, cut, blow-dried and looked like a new woman, was feeling so much better and had two new styling products to keep her new look neat and manageable.

Shirley said she “walked out feeling great” and she felt Olivia did a lovely job and appreciated the time and care that was taken.

Olivia is a perfect example of a year 3 student who is capable of carrying out a service required when put on the spot. She managed the situation really well and maintained her professional standards to a tee. Olivia is well on her way to becoming a qualified stylist over the next 12 months and we are all very proud of her.

Hospitality Level 2

Posted on: June 1, 2016

IMG_5441Cheniah Hawkins

Dean and Cheyniah help run the Avonmore Cafe with their tutor Anne Marie Wilson and their fellow classmates.

Build confidence and helps gain hands-on skills.

From being nervous and not sure about what to do in a hospitality environment, to running the cafe, we have seen our Level 2 Hospitality students come so far in such a short amount of time!

The Level 2’s have taken on the challenge this week of running the Café on their own – including the running of the barista machine. Their biggest hurdle was mastering coffee and gaining the confidence to be able to serve customers.

Having completed their Espresso Unit, where they achieved the art of making coffees to a high standard, largely in part to the talented efforts of their tutor for that part of the programme – Aaron French, they are no longer concerned with making mistakes. As Grace Craig said, “It was just getting the timings down right”. Dean Milroy who had no worries with running the Café to begin with, said that at least he was feeling more relaxed with stretching the milk.

The level 2’s can now mostly run the cafe on their own, from the setting up, to the baking of sellable items like Muffins, Choc Brownies and Biscuits. To cooking Fries/Wedges, and making Smoothies. For the first six students that are due to complete at the end of July, having the confidence to step-up and take on the responsibility of the café has meant a lot. Others feel as though it is like “a coming of age”.

Many have also been involved with taking part in different functions from Birthdays to Engagements for the general public, have also found the hands-on experience to be of a huge benefit, alongside gaining confidence. Dealing with “real people” and real situations, has showed them that it’s hard work, but that being able to practise skills means that they can easily step up when applying for a job.

Macara Taylor said that when she started at Avonmore, she thought that apart from being in the barista training room, there wasn’t going to be much in the way of practical. However, has since found that having the opportunity to participate in functions, running the cafe and making coffee has gave her the confidence she needed when she applied for and got a job at Rydges Hotel in Christchurch. She continues to use all that she is learning through both the practical and theory of the hospitality course in her job.

The Level 2 Hospitality programme is a FREE Youth Guarantee programme for 16 to 19 year olds. Now includes Hospitality and Tourism!