STAR & Gateway/ Schools - Christchurch

STAR & Gateway/ Schools – Christchurch

STAR & Gateway

The STAR programme is a resource for Canterbury schools that is aimed at assisting secondary students to find a suitable pathway in to work or further study. STAR is commonly known as a “Taster” course for an industry a student may find appealing as a career option.

Gateway offers students at Secondary Schools the opportunity to experience workplaces first hand whilst engaging in structured work place learning.

Students pursue individual learning programmes, which allow them to gain new skills and knowledge in the workplace and in their local community. The learning is hands-on and practical however there is some theory required.

Students are assessed for NZQA unit standards which contribute to the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) as well as industry specific unit standards or qualifications.

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Please find below the Schools Programme Summary and Calendars:

Schools Programme Summary 2018
Schools Programme Calendar 2018