FREE Youth Guarantee Courses (Christchurch Only)

FREE Youth Guarantee Courses (Christchurch Only)

What is a Youth Guarantee Course?

Youth Guarantee (YG) is a range of FREE programmes funded by the government for 16 to 19 year olds to help improve the transition from school to work, by providing a wider range of learning opportunities, making better use of education networks, and creating clear pathways from school to work and study.

Am I eligible?

YG is a great way to study because there are very few barriers to getting started! To be eligible for Youth Guarantee you need to:

  • Be between the age of 16 and 19 years of age
  • NCEA Level 2 or below
  • Attend an Information Session at Avonmore
  • Meet requirements of the chosen course academically – some allowances are made depending on a students personal circumstances

Please be aware that Avonmore reserves the right to decline entry into a Youth Guarantee course.

If you think a Youth Guarantee course would suit you , you can book and Information Session by giving us a call on 0800 4 AVONMORE.

What courses are offered under YG at Avonmore?

Avonmore offers a range of courses under YG. Click on the links below to find out more.


New Zealand Certificate in Hairdressing & Retail Level 2
This programme is a Retail Level 2 course with a focus on the fashion, beauty and hairdressing industries. Students will also gain valuable computing skills to get them ready for future education or employment. This course is a great starting point for students wishing to enter these industries.


New Zealand Certificate in Hospitality & Tourism Level 2 

This is a foundation Hospitality/Tourism class that sets students up for employment or to move onto the Level 3 Hospitality or Tourism programme. Hospitality Level 2 is now offered with Tourism Level 2 to create a 28 week programme designed to introduce students to both industries.

New Zealand Certificate in Food and Beverage Service Level 3
The New Zealand Certificate in Food and Beverage Service Level 3 is a programme designed to give students the core skills they need to work in the Hospitality industry. This quick 12 week course gets students prepare in a hands-on course thats focused on an employment outcome.

New Zealand Certificate in Tourism (Tourism and Travel Strands) Level 3
This programme is a 16 week Tourism New Zealand Certificate designed to give students an introduction to the Tourism and Travel industry.


New Zealand Certificate in Hairdressing (Salon Support) Level 3
The Hairdressing Salon Support Certificate is creative and fun, but also a lot of handwork. Students interested in the programme need to be dedicated and have a keen interest in the Hairdressing industry.

YG Student Story – Mitch Owers


Mitch is a bright, bubbly, funny and energetic guy who loves helping and working with people.

Mitch came to Avonmore to study under the Youth Guarantee Programme. Following Tourism Level 3 he continued on to study up to Travel Level 4.

Since leaving Avonmore at the end of 2014 Mitch has worked at I-site Information Centre as a Travel Consultant. He loves talking to tourists, booking them on tours around Canterbury and getting to experience what this fine country of his has to offer via a host of experiences such as swimming with dolphins and whale watching.

Mitch valued his time at Avonmore and thought the course set him up well for work in the travel industry. He valued Amadeus training and thought the tutors were a great inspiration and help in getting him into the workforce. While at Avonmore Mitch’s confidence grew and gave him the skills he needed for a career in the Travel Industry. He is now part of the Cabin Crew team for JetStar.

And the best part? Mitch got his start under the Youth Guarantee Scheme.