Welcome to the best volcanic, geothermal and cultural city in the world!

Avonmore Rotorua is located in central downtown Rotorua. The CBD is attractive, vibrant and an enjoyable destination where students can feel part of the ever evolving community. Rotorua is the lifestyle choice for professional couples, families and people that have a passion for the outdoors. Rotorua is New Zealand’s #1 international tourist destination, visited by almost every tourist that travels to New Zealand.

It is a city full of hotels, motels, cafes, restaurants, and tourist attractions, so makes the perfect location for a student wanting to study a combination of Hospitality Management, and Business. We teach our Hospitality Management programme in Rotorua because it is the best city in New Zealand for you to find work in cafes, restaurants, hotels, motels or tourism operations while you are studying at Avonmore. Our classes sizes are small, very practical and hands-on.

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*The Rotorua campus is a subcontractor of Avonmore Christchurch