Do you love hair design? Is keeping up with latest fashion, cuts and the colour of the year your thing?

Hairdressing is an exciting, creative career option that you can get started with at Avonmore!

Hairdressing is important to us, it’s where we started 30 years ago and our knowledge and industry links mean that we can give you a strong start in the industry!

Hairdressing and Retail Level 2: This is a great opportunity for students to get started in the Hairdressing/Beauty and Retail industries if they don’t meet the requirements to enter straight into Hairdressing Level 3 or other courses they are interested in. They will gain a broad set of skills that are transferable to many industries.

Hairdressing Level 3: This course cross credits to account for the first year of an apprenticeship. This programme is structured and designed to kick start knowledge of the hairdressing industry with hands-on training combined with work experience to prepare graduates to complete their training in industry. In completing this programme students will gain the New Zealand Certificate Hairdressing (Salon Support) Level 3.

Our students are always looking for models, if you’re keen to get your hair shampooed, conditioned, blow waved, coloured or styled give one of our training salons a call today. Students are at a range skill levels and services are priced accordingly.

For Next Gen Hair call: 03 389 1992
60 North Avon Road, Christchurch Central